A watch is a clock

Inktober 2018 day 14.

Today’s prompt word was clock. That did not strike a chord with me, so I did not do the theme. I did gesture drawings of hands instead. Practice makes p̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t̶  progress.

Oh, and there is a watch in the drawings. So I guess I followed the prompt word after all.



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animal inktober

It is day 13 of Inktober 2018. thus far I have posted several more realistic animal drawings already. Dogs, a cat, a mouse, seastars, a chicken, a whale and me! What’s with all the animals, huh?

I thought it would be nice to show them here in one post.







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Inktober2018 day 6

Inktober day 6 theme: ‘drooling’
I saw this beautiful photo of a dog (without all the drool) on the internet and really wanted to draw that. Good sketching fun.
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Inktober2018 day 2

day 2: ‘Tranquil’

A bit of wordplay and a nice potential shirt design.
I guess this is about how drawing (with or without ink) can take you in the zen state where you loose track of time.

PS: I never use a quill, but they look cool.Inktober2018_2_Tranquil

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Inktober2018 day 1

Inktober2018 has started.

Here is my day 1 drawing. Todays theme was ‘poisonous’. Also added this on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I had fun drawing this.


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Inktober 2018

I will take part in Inktober 2018. This is an international challenge where everyone who joins makes an inkdrawing on all 31 days of Oktober.

The rules are: You make a drawing every day and you post it on internet. The goals are to get better at inking and to get in the habbit of drawing every day.

I will be posting my pics all over internet and collect them on my site as well.

I hope I can manage all 31 days. Wish me luck!

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Today I worked on my website.

Some old messages got the boot and I started on the new online portfolio. I made a lot of improvements on the looks of the website.

Looking better… I think.

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Time to get busy

It’s been a long time since I updated the website.

I want to turn it into my online portfolio. Expect new and updated content soon.

Time to get flying again
Arwin Airlines_inked


Time to get flying again!

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on my couch

on my couch
working on the couch with a cup of coffee nearby
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Hello world!


Today I started this WordPress site. It all looks very standard and empty. Give me some time to change that.

First things first. The Hello World message WordPress includes in each and every new install needed to go. I will keep the title though. That way nobody can ever say: ‘You didn’t say hello to me’ to me again. I can point them in the direction of this site.
I didn’t forget to say hello to anyone. Not a soul is excluded when you say hello to the entire world.

For now: It’s bye bye time,


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wharehouse employee by day and illustrator by night