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A watch is a clock

Inktober 2018 day 14.

Today’s prompt word was clock. That did not strike a chord with me, so I did not do the theme. I did gesture drawings of hands instead. Practice makes p̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t̶  progress.

Oh, and there is a watch in the drawings. So I guess I followed the prompt word after all.



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animal inktober

It is day 13 of Inktober 2018. thus far I have posted several more realistic animal drawings already. Dogs, a cat, a mouse, seastars, a chicken, a whale and me! What’s with all the animals, huh?

I thought it would be nice to show them here in one post.







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Inktober2018 day 6

Inktober day 6 theme: ‘drooling’
I saw this beautiful photo of a dog (without all the drool) on the internet and really wanted to draw that. Good sketching fun.
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Inktober2018 day 2

day 2: ‘Tranquil’

A bit of wordplay and a nice potential shirt design.
I guess this is about how drawing (with or without ink) can take you in the zen state where you loose track of time.

PS: I never use a quill, but they look cool.Inktober2018_2_Tranquil

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Inktober2018 day 1

Inktober2018 has started.

Here is my day 1 drawing. Todays theme was ‘poisonous’. Also added this on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I had fun drawing this.


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Inktober 2018

I will take part in Inktober 2018. This is an international challenge where everyone who joins makes an inkdrawing on all 31 days of Oktober.

The rules are: You make a drawing every day and you post it on internet. The goals are to get better at inking and to get in the habbit of drawing every day.

I will be posting my pics all over internet and collect them on my site as well.

I hope I can manage all 31 days. Wish me luck!

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